Welcome to the Post-Progressive Post!

By Steve McIntosh

Welcome to our new website, the Post-Progressive Post! It is our sincere hope that this site, and the perspective it promotes, can help ameliorate the political hyperpolarization that prevents us from solving the mounting challenges facing our country and our world.

While there are many interesting approaches to addressing hyperpolarization currently being offered, we believe that all of them, to a greater or lesser degree, neglect the current driver of our political polarization: cultural evolution. By learning to see how culture evolves over time in response to shifting values, we believe that we can address our political differences in a way that is integrative rather than adversarial.

We believe there are many Americans who currently feel politically homeless as a result of the rancor and division they see in our country, and who are ready to try on the new cultural/political perspective which we call post-progressivism. This site aims to advance post-progressivism and achieve the following goals:

  1. Grow and deepen the public profile and reputation of the post-progressive political perspective—put this way of thinking on the map.
  2. Develop and promote an influential political constituency among people who identify as post-progressive—build a movement.
  3. Foster political and cultural evolution on every front of its development—improve American democracy.

To accomplish this, we have designed this site to be both accessible and comprehensive. For those just curious about what this new approach is about, we have distilled the post-progressive perspective down to simple infographics that provide a quick sense of what it is and how it can help you to make better sense of the culture war.

For those who are coming to post-progressivism from an already strong allegiance to a particular political ideology, we provide “our invitation to all sides” pages that show how post-progressivism attempts to include their highest values.

For those who are looking for complexity and nuance in a world of one-sided, oversimplified perspectives, we offer long-form articles that stretch their thinking.

For those who want to see a post-progressive perspective applied to our country’s most intractable policy debates, we offer a growing list of win-win-win issue positions that integrate the values of the three major worldviews that are battling it out in the culture war.

And finally, for those who already consider themselves post-progressive, we offer multiple ways to engage in dialogue with others around these ideas.

Please enjoy the site! We will be regularly updating it with new posts, articles, and features, so we invite you to bookmark the Post-Progressive Post, and return often to see what is new on the leading edge of politics and culture!

— Josh Leonard, Managing Editor and Publisher

  • Andrew Boyd-Goodrich

    I’m very excited about this vision for the messy liberal democracy we call America! One of our foundational documents used the oxymoronic phrase “…a more perfect union.” We may never be perfect, yet we are hopefully “more perfect” as time progresses. Godspeed.

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