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Political Solutions

WIN WIN WINOur Approach to Political Issues
We are developing a platform of proposed solutions to specific political issues. Our approach to each issue involves finding “win-win-win” solutions that integrate the values of all three major American worldviews: progressive, modern, and traditional. This win-win-win political strategy is derived from the business practice of stakeholder integration, which has proven to be highly effective at building agreement and increasing the “size of the pie.” Our evolving issue platform currently consists of the 15 political issues listed on the right, which are in various states of completion.

Our Strategy for Building Consensus
Our strategy for advancing this platform of issue positions entails “starting a conversation” on each issue within the nascent developmental political movement. Once a rough consensus is reached among a critical mass of developmentalists on a given issue, that issue’s recommended solutions will be proposed to the larger general public through our media channels.

Our Theory of Change
Culture and consciousness coevolve when people expand the scope of what they are able to value. Developmental Politics is accordingly working to evolve American culture by integrating values from across the political spectrum. As cultural evolution proceeds, the political viability of inclusive compromises (like the win-win-win solutions presented here), as well as more visionary solutions, will become increasingly possible. Given America’s currently gridlocked political condition, however, these proposals are being kept within the realm of “reasonably feasible to achieve.”

Abortion Rights is our most recently published issue position.

Please note that while this issue position already incorporates pre-publication comments from Developmental Alliance members, further input is requested from the public because we view these issue positions as evolving documents that seek continuous refinement and improvement. All issue positions published thus far have been authored by the Institute for Cultural Evolution’s president, Steve McIntosh.

Thank you for considering our evolving platform of political issue proposals.

Abortion Rights Wins Sought for Each Major Worldview

Progressivism’s Wins

A women’s civil right to an abortion during the first 15 weeks of pregnancy will be codified in federal law and comprehensively protected in all in all 50 states.

Modernity’s Wins

Competing rights will be recognized and balanced, federalism will be affirmed, a bipartisan compromise will be reached at the national level, and this divisive issue will finally be resolved by statute.

Traditionalism’s Wins

A viable fetus’s civil right to be born during the final 9 weeks of pregnancy will be provisionally protected by federal law in all 50 states for the first time. States’ rights will be preserved in the 2nd trimester.

Issues in Our
Evolving Platform

Racial Equality


National Security and Terrorism

Income Inequality

Campaign Finance Reform

Gun Control

The War on Drugs

Religious Freedom

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