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This Week in the News was a program of The Developmentalist that aired weekly between July 30th, 2021 and March 11th, 2021. It has now been folded into a weekly broadcast of the Daily Evolver, and you can find new episodes here at The Developmentalist, and back episodes at The Daily Evolver.

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Listeners weigh in on how developmental thinking helps us relate and respond to the Russian war on Ukraine

Episode 23: March 11, 2022

The War on Modernity in Ukraine

Episode 22: March 4, 2022

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Seen Through a Developmental Lens

Episode 21: February 25, 2022

On Yuval Harari’s “Direction of History” and David Brooks’ “Century of the Strongman?” What’s Missing?

Episode 20: February 18, 2022

Capitol Riot, One Year Later. Democracy in Peril, Fears on the Left and Right.

Episode 19: January 7, 2022

Worlds Collide and Integrate in Steven Spielberg’s New Telling of “West Side Story”

Episode 18: December 17, 2021

Embrace our Inner Jussie? * Techno-Optimism

Episode 17: December 10, 2021

Not “The New York Times” Anymore * Horizontal Evolution * Integral Media

Episode 16: December 3, 2021

“Morning Joe” Scarborough Decries Political Tribalism as He Stokes It * Steve Bannon, Grifter or Holy Warrior?

Episode 15: November 19, 2021

Jeff Takes a Look at the Coverage and Reactions to a Major New Book, “The Dawn of Everything, A New History of Humanity” by Archaeologist David Wengrow and the Late Anthropologist David Graeber

Episode 14: November 12, 2021

Looking at Two New Books That Argue About Progress: Our Country Friends, by Gary Shteyngart, and Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce and Why It Matters, by Steven Pinker

Episode 13: October 29, 2021

A “Hard But Real Compromise is Possible” on Abortion * The Role of Women Devolves, and Evolves, in the Muslim World

Episode 12: October 22, 2021

The Global Minimum Tax * Facebook and Instagram on the Block * Farhad Manjoo Cautions Against Moral Panic

Episode 11: October 15, 2021

The Infrastructure and Reconciliation Bills, David Brooks on “Why We Need to Spend $4 Trillion”

Episode 10: October 1, 2021

John McWhorter Says Celebrate New Gender Pronouns * France’s Submarine Snub * Vaccines in Uganda

Episode 9: September 24, 2021

A Pro-Life Christian Column: “Texas’s Abortion Law Should Force America to Change Its Ways”

Episode 8: September 17, 2021

Critiquing David Brooks’ “When Dictators Find God” * Why Premodern Sensibilities Must Be Integrated, not Converted or Paved Over

Episode 7: September 10, 2021

Ross Douthat Rebuts Brett Stephens on Afghanistan (I Believe Both of Them) * Harvard Divinity School Chooses an Atheist Head Chaplain

Episode 6: September 3, 2021

Afghanistan Through the Developmental Lens * The March of the Karens and Three Definitions of Racism

Episode 5: August 27, 2021

Brett Stephens Denounces Biden on Afghanistan * How to Think Your Way to God

Episode 4: August 20, 2021

The IPCC Climate Story: Religious in a Bad Way and Religious in a Good Way

Episode 3: August 13, 2021

Was I Too Green Last Week? * Mondo Duplantis Pole Vaults Into Integral Territory * Heather Cox Richardson and Roxanne Gay on Why Is Everybody So Mad * Come In, a Poem by Robert Frost

Episode 2: August 6, 2021

Simone Biles Olympic Withdrawal * Seeing the Unseen Worker, and the Unseen Aspects of Every Worker

Episode 1: July 30, 2021

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