Post Progressive InquiriesPost Progressive Inquiries

Post-Progressive Inquiries, hosted by The Daily Evolver, is a video podcast wherein co-hosts Jeff Salzman and Steve McIntosh discuss how the emerging post-progressive worldview is shaping politics, economics, education, business, and other domains of culture and society. Jeff and Steve also interview other leaders and luminaries to explore how their work relates to post-progressive thought and integral philosophy in general.

Post-Progressivism Meets Academic Philosophy

Guest: David Storey, New Senior Fellow at the Institute of Cultural Evolution

In this episode of Post-Progressive Inquiries, Jeff and Steve interview David Storey, a professor of philosophy from Boston College, and cover a lot of territory in their conversation. In the first part, they talk about how academia is itself evolving, particularly in its warming to developmental theory and in its engagement with the culture at large. In the second half, they discuss how to bring more cultural intelligence to humanity’s climate challenge, and highlight David’s new essay in the Post-Progressive Post: Why We Will Grow Together or Grow Apart.

Launch of The Post-Progressive Post

Jeff and Steve walk through the Institute for Cultural Evolution’s new content-hub website, The Post-Progressive Post

In this Post-Progressive Inquiries episode of the Daily Evolver, Jeff Salzman and Steve McIntosh discuss the launch of the new Post-Progressive Post website, and how it seeks to promote the emerging post-progressive worldview that is attempting to peacefully resolve the culture war by integrating the important values of the left, right, and center.

Leading Leaders to Higher Ground

Guest: Rand Stagen, Founder of the Stagen Leadership Academy

Rand Stagen is well known in the integral world as founder of the Stagen leadership academy. Stagen is the gold standard for leadership training, focused on long-term, disciplined, “leadership practice” which integrates psychological and even spiritual dimensions. I consider Rand to be one of most effective practitioners of applied integral thinking out there.

American Post-Progressivism Meets
Swedish Metamodernism

Guest: Tomas Bjorkman, Co-author of The Nordic Secret

Welcome to Post-Progressive Inquiries, a new podcast series coproduced by the Daily Evolver and The Institute for Cultural Evolution (ICE). In each episode, ICE President Steve McIntosh and I explore new territories emerging in politics and culture. We are happy to have as our inaugural guest Tomas Bjorkman, an “applied philosopher and social entrepreneur” who has founded and funded many initiatives dedicated to the co-creation of a more conscious society.

Gen Z at Second Tier

Guests: Gary Sheng and Zoë Jenkins of Civics Unplugged

In this episode, Steve McIntosh and I visit with two young leaders, Gary Sheng and Zoë Jenkins, who are activating higher consciousness in Generation Z through their organization Civics Unplugged. Civics Unplugged is a community of Gen Z leaders committed to strengthening democracy through civic entrepreneurship in the U.S. and around the world. The organization has received significant attention with partners like Andrew Yang, the Smithsonian, Duane “The Rock” Johnson, and National Geographic.

The Next Economy with Pia Malaney

Senior Economist at the Institute for New Economic Thinking

In this episode of Post-Progressive Inquiries, Steve McIntosh and I visit with economist Pia Malaney to ponder economics through the lens of evolutionary theory. We look at what is arising concerning globalism and nationalism, wealth distribution, the future of work, model economies, the culture war between MAGAstan vs WOKEstan, and why Joe Biden gets us from the fire into the frying pan.

Mapping the Emerging “Integrative Meta-Perspective”

With Psychiatrist and Futurist Charles M. Johnston M.D.

Today on Post-Progressive Inquiries I explore the contours of the next stage of human development with psychiatrist and futurist Charles M. Johnston. Charles has just released two new books exploring an emerging way of thinking that he calls the “integrative meta-perspective”.

The Emergence of Post-Progressive Political Thought

A Conversation With Steve McIntosh

It’s subtle but some of you have noticed: I’ve changed the tagline of the Daily Evolver to “A post-progressive look at politics and culture”. It used to read “Integral insights into politics and culture”, which still describes what I attempt to do in this podcast: to point out what I see as the emerging edges of human and cultural evolution, and to foster new habits of thinking for people who wish to embrace multiple worldviews.

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