Institute for Cultural Evolution May 6th Newsletter

Greg Thomas Interviewed by Glenn Loury
About Cultural Evolution on The Glenn Show

Institute for Cultural Evolution Senior Fellow, Greg Thomas, was recently interviewed by renowned conservative public intellectual and economist, Glenn Loury, on The Glenn Show! In this wide-ranging discussion, Glenn and Greg discuss Greg’s work leading the Jazz Leadership Project; the important black intellectual lineage that runs from Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray through Stanley Crouch; the Institute for Cultural Evolution; the developmental perspective on the culture war between traditionalism, modernity, and postmodernity; and much more. This stimulating discussion is a great example of how the developmental perspective on politics and culture is finally beginning to break into the mainstream national conversation. View the conversation on YouTube here.

The Institute for Cultural Evolution is Hiring:
Communications Director

The Institute for Cultural Evolution is now hiring for a newly created executive position in our growing organization: Communications Director. The primary focus of this remote position is to “spread the word” in mainstream media, in social media, and online in general.

Job candidates should have a marketing and promotion orientation, with a solid track record of getting results through charming persistence and multi-platform media coordination. Our ideal candidate will have experience promoting, publicizing and marketing complex ideas to mainstream audiences. And they will know how to position and frame intellectual content to attract the attention of a diverse range of media gatekeepers.

Further, candidates must be familiar with integral/developmental thinking, as articulated in our online publication, The Developmentalist, and on our headquarters website:

To read the full job posting and learn how to apply, please visit our job announcement here.

Blog Post:
Understanding the Concept of the
“Negation of the Negation”

In exploring Hegel’s concept of the “negation of the negation,” we came across this fascinating interpretation of his model in an out-of-print Marxist encyclopedia, which if nothing else, gets Hegel right. Its description of the dialectical process of development, and particularly how this process is best represented visually by a spiral, should be very familiar to us as Developmentalists. Check out the blog post here.

New Thinking Ahead Podcast

To help shed light on what’s driving Russia’s brutal attack on its neighbor, Carter Phipps interviews Gary Lachman, one of the most cogent and thoughtful scholars of the esoteric, to explore how Vladimir Putin has been deeply influenced by a constellation of ideas and worldviews that stem from a little-understood but powerfully influential era in Russian history. Check out this fascinating episode of Thinking Ahead here.

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