Announcing Rand Stagen as the Newest Member of the Institute for Cultural Evolution’s Board of Directors

By Steve McIntosh

The Institute For Cultural Evolution is pleased to announce that we have added Rand Stagen as our newest member of the Board of Directors. Those of you who listened to Jeff and Steve’s Post-Progressive Inquiries podcast with Rand know just how inspiring a figure Rand is in the integral community.

Rand founded the Stagen Leadership Academy in 1999 to use integral principles to train leaders who are committed to long-term personal development and using their organizational platforms for positive impact. Stagen Leadership Academy specializes in delivering high accountability programs for leaders serious about changing themselves as well as their organizations.

Rand is a passionate advocate for elevating humanity through business and is also a founding board member and past-Chairman of Conscious Capitalism International. He lives in Dallas with his wife and two daughters. We are thrilled to have his leadership and experience in service to our organization during this critical time for our democracy.

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