This Giving Tuesday, Give Upstream

By Steve McIntosh

The Institute for Cultural Evolution is a vibrant and growing nonprofit organization that needs and deserves your support. This year, as #GivingTuesday approaches on November 30th, we ask you to consider “giving upstream.” Giving upstream means donating to organizations that are working on the roots of our society’s problems.

No matter which political issue concerns you most, be it climate change, social justice, or inflation and deficit spending—progress on that issue is being stymied by America’s gridlocked political condition. Unless we overcome our entrenched divisions, the pressing issues we face as a country cannot be effectively addressed. Recognizing that hyperpolarization is the “mother of all our problems,” we’re working to overcome America’s national schism at its cultural source, upstream from the politics of Washington D.C. So please consider giving upstream this year by supporting the Institute for Cultural Evolution with a tax-deductible contribution.

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