The Institute for Cultural Evolution is Hiring!

By Steve McIntosh

The Institute is now hiring for a newly created executive position in our growing organization: Communications Director. The primary focus of this remote position is to “spread the word” in mainstream media, in social media, and online in general. While the position requires good writing skills, the majority of our organization’s core communications will be written by the think tank’s principals.

Job candidates should have a marketing and promotion orientation, with a solid track record of getting results through charming persistence and multi-platform media coordination. Our ideal candidate will have experience promoting, publicizing and marketing complex ideas to mainstream audiences. And they will know how to position and frame intellectual content to attract the attention of a diverse range of media gatekeepers.

Further, candidates must be familiar with integral/developmental thinking, as articulated in our online publication, The Developmentalist and on our headquarters website.

We are therefore seeking a rare candidate who will be both a competent marketer of ideas and someone with an active interest in our think tank’s political philosophy. Beyond the specific material on our two websites listed above, as well as in the books of our principals, adjacent expressions of our think tank’s developmental thinking can be found in the related fields of integral theory, spiral dynamics, meta-modernism, and in similar evolutionary perspectives.

You can view the entire job posting and learn how to apply here:

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