Steve McIntosh Keynote Speaker the Denver Integral Conference, May 16-19th 2024

By Rigel Thurston

We want to let you know about an upcoming conference on integral philosophy and practice, being organized by Paul Bloch and Tom Habib of the new ICON organization. The conference is being held in Denver, Colorado May 16-19th 2024.

Steve McIntosh will be giving a Keynote presentation, and I will also be attending. Here is the organizers’ description of the “ICON Future Human conference”:

Biannual Event for Spiritual Mavericks and Integralists

Experience the wisdom of amazing teachers, philosophers, artists, and facilitators:

Christopher Bache • Andrew Holecek • Duane Elgin • Roger Walsh • Steve McIntosh • Allan Leslie Combs • Rica Viljoen • Daniel Görtz (Virtual) • Beena Sharma • Bence Ganti • Jeremy Johnson • Layman Pascal • Bruce Alderman • Elana Meta • Kim Barta • Bett Bollhoefer • Simon Senzon • Tucker Walsh • Terri O’Fallen • Thomas Steininger • Mark Forman • Tom Habib • Paul Bloch • Mark Fischler • Thomas Murray • Alexander Love • Khaled El Sherbini • and more!

The ICON conference seeks to envision and create a future that embraces holistic and integrative solutions. It’s a platform where diverse voices from various realms of human knowledge and experience converge. Steve’s presentation, along with insights from other thought leaders, aim to spark meaningful dialogues and stir transformation.

Learn More about the ICON conference at this link:

Reserve Your Early-Bird Ticket at this link:

We hope to see you there.


Rigel Thurston

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