Introducing The Institute for Cultural Evolution’s New Senior Fellow: David Storey

By Steve McIntosh

We are excited to announce that we have brought on David Storey as a new Senior Fellow at the Institute for Cultural Evolution. You can read David’s first contribution to the Post-Progressive Post here:

Why We Will Grow Together or Grow Apart

David’s article, “Why We Will Grow Together or Grow Apart” is an excellent companion to our recently published Global Climate Change Issue Position here:

Global Climate Change Issue Position

In his inaugural article, David highlights why “cultural intelligence” and the post-progressive approach of values integration is the key to paving a new path forward on the climate crisis.

David Storey is Associate Professor of the Practice in the Philosophy Department at Boston College, where he teaches courses on the history of philosophy, ethics, theology, technology, and climate change. He received his PhD in philosophy in 2011 from Fordham University, is a certified Philosophical Counselor with the American Philosophical Practitioners Association, and is a certified Koru Mindfulness instructor.

His research and teaching interests are in environmental philosophy, climate change commmunication, integral metatheory, and contemplative pedagogy. He is the author of the book Naturalizing Heidegger: His Confrontation with Nietzsche, His Contributions to Environmental Philosophy (SUNY, 2015), has published essays in journals such as Environmental Ethics, Comparative and Continental Philosophy, and the New Atlantis.

In Spring 2020, David launched the podcast Wisdom at Work: Philosophy Beyond the Ivory Tower, where he interviews philosophers who left academia for new careers or do publicly engaged work, lets them tell their stories, and distills the keys to their success.

On his blog, the Dao Du Jour, David offers daily reflections on the zeitgeist through a chapter a day of the Daodejing.

His prime directive is to use skillful means to help philosophy in general, and integral in particular, “return to Plato’s cave” and be of use to as many people and institutions as possible during this critical period for our country, our civilization, our species, and our planet.

You can find out more about David and his publications at


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