Institute for Cultural Evolution May 27th Newsletter

By Steve McIntosh

New Article: Can We Make Governing Great Again?
By Carter Phipps

We’re pleased to share Carter Phipps’ latest article in The Developmentalist: Can We Make Governing Great Again? In it, he suggests that our crisis of expertise is really a crisis of governance, and argues that we have lost our faith in experts in part because we have unfairly shifted the burden of decision-making to them. You can read the essay in The Developmentalist here.

New Episode of the Daily Evolver: Armed Insanity

In this episode, Jeff shares our collective outrage and heartbreak over the shooting of the Texas schoolchildren and teachers, and manages to offer some hope that this time it will be different, that this shooting will heighten a social pain-point–unstable young men equipped with weapons of war–sufficiently to transcend political polarities.

You can view this episode of The Daily Evolver here.

New The Developmentalist Podcast:
The Implications of Web3 for Cultural Evolution
With Gary Sheng

Steve McIntosh recently sat down with Institute for Cultural Evolution Fellow, Gary Sheng, to discuss the implications Web3 technologies might have on Cultural Evolution. In this discussion, Gary explains what Web3 is, how he got involved with it, and why he is so excited about its potential.

You can watch this episode of The Developmentalist Podcast here.

Developmental Politics Now Available as an Audiobook

Developmental Politics Audiobook

The Institute for Cultural Evolution is pleased to announce the publication of Developmental Politics—How America Can Grow Into a Better Version of Itself  as an audiobook. This acclaimed book of political philosophy was written by Steve McIntosh, the Institute’s President and Co-Founder, and narrated by Josh Innerst. Originally published in print format in 2020, Developmental Politics has had a wide influence, and the book’s success has been instrumental in the growth of the Institute for Cultural Evolution as an organization. You can listen to a sample here and purchase the audiobook here.

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