Honoring BOTH Indigenous and European Wisdom Traditions with Steve McIntosh

By Rigel Thurston

The Left wants to honor Indigenous wisdom traditions in the wake of colonialism and scientism. The Right wants to defend America’s moral heritage and traditional social norms.

What do both have in common? Respect for tradition. What G.K. Chesterton called “the democracy of the dead.” Both see the spiritual impoverishment of mainstream modernist culture, and both want to recover and preserve the best of our heritage. As illiberal forces gather strength on the Left and Right in a culture suffering from “truth decay,” we need the cultural intelligence to pick out the kernels of truth in traditional and progressive perspectives.

In this video conversation, Steve McIntosh and David Storey dig into Steve’s latest article, “Making Peace with America’s History by Honoring Both Indigenous and European Traditions.” You can read the original article on The Developmentalist, the magazine of the Institute for Cultural Evolution: https://developmentalist.org/article/making-peace-with-americas-history-by-honoring-both-indigenous-and-european-traditions/

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