Andrew Davis Ph.D. Presents The Cosmic Call of Value: Five Propositions

In next Wednesday’s Zoom group, Andrew Davis will present The Cosmic Call of Value: Five Propositions.

Who are we? Why does anything at all exist? What is it that we should be up to in this universe? Through the elaboration of five propositions as “invitations for attention,” Andrew offers a philosophical reflection on value as a means of approaching an answer (or set of answers) to these questions. In doing so, he will draw upon key voices of influence for whom value is an irreducible feature of the cosmos calling to us at various levels of our being and becoming.

Will we answer?

Andrew M. Davis, Ph.D. is an American process philosopher, theologian, and scholar of cosmological wonder. He is the program director for the Center for Process Studies, where he researches, writes, teaches, and organizes conferences on various aspects of process-relational thought. An advocate of metaphysics and meaning in a hospitable universe, he approaches philosophy as the endeavor to systematically think through what reality must be like because we are a part of it. He is the author, editor, and co-editor of several books, including Mind, Value, and Cosmos: On the Relational Nature of Ultimacy and, most recently, Metaphysics of Exo-Life: Toward a Constructive Whiteheadian Cosmotheology. Follow his work at

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